Transformation From the Inside Out

YOU are the center of your life. Upgrade yourself, and the natural result will be an upgraded life.
You are here because you're ready to get "unstuck", and you know that true transformation starts within, and creates transformation in your life.
This is the time to shift inwardly, and create a new reality.

Nancy from Everywhere USA

"It's been a week since I completed Rhi's latest workshop. I'm still so excited and find myself smiling all the time. This was my 3rd workshop and the work has been hard and at times so intense I could hardly stand it. The rewards are worth all the time and work I've put into it. Thank you Rhi for putting these courses together. I use them daily to help me live my best life as my highest self!"

Tracy from Florida USA

"The workshop was AMAZING and I cannot wait for the next one! I’m doing the daily work and getting spiritually prepared for the next dive inward to be uplifted and upgraded! The unfolding of the many blessings that flowed into my reality in the days after the retreat has been unbelievable!"

Joanna from New York, USA
"I am so thankful for Rhi and this workshop. The setting she provides is so intimate and personal it's like you're really there! Her meditations, discussions and guidance really help you reach down deep inside yourself and examine your soul. This was my third workshop with Rhi and I can't thank her enough! With each one she has continuously motivated me to shine bright as my best and highest self each and every day!"

The Enlightened Living Meditation Center can help you to create permanent change

Does this sound familiar?

Do you feel stuck?

Do you feel like nothing changes in your life? Have you wondered if maybe the problems that you are facing are simply "destiny" or "fate", and there is nothing that you can do about it?

Do you experience frequent low moods?

Does it feel like you are stressed, anxious, depressed, or just not as happy as you know you could be?

Do you sabotage yourself?

Does it seem like things fall apart, just as you were starting to make progress?

Do you struggle to love and accept yourself?

Do you feel like you wish you were different, or that you are not enough as you are?

Do you feel unclear, unsure, or lost?

Do you feel like you don't know what to do to live a happier, more fulfilling life?

Do you feel lonely on your spiritual path?

Do you feel like no one understands you, or that there is no one to talk to?

The E.L.M. Center Membership can help you to...

...get unstuck

Empower yourself, and create real, permanent change within yourself, and in your life.

...raise your "frequency"

Create a new, higher frequency "default". LIVE in states of love, joy, peace, and even higher.

...reprogram yourself for success and joy

Automatically and organically move towards your highest goals every day. and accept yourself

Feel more and more love and acceptance for yourself. STOP abandoning yourself.

...create new powerful, positive patterns

That help you to make Quantum leaps in consciousness, and over time - you will make Quantum leaps in your life.

...get clear

Know exactly what to do, step by step, to live a happier, more fulfilling life. like-minded people on the spiritual path

Practice and just hang out with people who understand the spiritual path that you are on.

The Enlightened Living Meditation Center provides tools to help you to "reprogram" yourself to create a higher state default and experience permanent, positive change in your life.

Create Lasting Change

Receive clear, step by step guidance to create profound, lasting change. In the monthly two day, intensive workshops, we will take Quantum leaps together into new possibilities.

Evolve and Grow At Your Own Pace

Advance your learning and practice at your own pace. Then bring this work to your everyday life in order to move into higher potentials.

Upgrade Together

You are not alone! The E.L.M. Center community meets live, twice a week to transform our inner and outer worlds together.

Is the Enlightened Living Meditation Center for you?

Hi! My name is Rhi,

and I am here to share with you all that I have learned in the process of transforming myself from very depressed, and unhealthy, and really hating who I was, to deeply loving myself and my life, and becoming more and more of a peaceful master of my inner world.
I've been doing these transformative practices for 25 years, and I'm certified as a yoga instructor.
hypnotherapist, and meditation and mindfulness coach.
My passion is share with others all of the most powerful and effective methods that I used to "reprogram" myself and make Quantum Jumps in my life.
My new default is joy, and this has been reflected in my outer world. I am in the physical condition of my life. I'm in the most loving, warm, and joyful romantic relationship I could imagine. and I am making more money than I have ever made.
None of this was accidental, it was all intentional.
I'm here now to help you to do what truly works to live your best life as your highest self.

You can cancel at any time. And because I know you will love the membership, I offer a 30 day money back

guarantee. No questions asked.