The Intention of The Living Your Best Life As Your Highest Self Course

The intention of this particular retreat is to shift into your highest self. Of course, you will not make this shift in a weekend, but you will be given tools to continue to practice in order to move more and more in this direction. 

Who I am, what I do.

My name is Rhi, and I’m certified as a Meditation and Mindfulness Coach, a Reiki Master and a Yoga Instructor. In short, I’m in love with the positive transformation and healing that’s possible with energy work, because it truly saved my life.

I want to help people to upgrade their energy, so that they can uplift everything that they encounter.

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My Story

I feel blessed to have always had a very strong connection with spirit. I also feel blessed that my family has always been loving and supportive. However, the twenty-something me was a complete mess.

I was overweight and felt heavy and sluggish in my body, and I had several chronic health issues that led to an addiction to several medications. My marriage was toxic, abusive, and incredibly draining. I didn’t even believe at that time that romantic love was real because I had never felt that for anyone. SO, I settled for much less than I deserved.

I was totally lost and felt that I had no purpose. I certainly had NO idea whatsoever what I wanted to do for a career. I had no money of my own, and my husband at the time made very little money. We were so poor that my mother would give me food to feed my family. I had three children, all of whom were dealing with issues in school and with friends. My youngest son was struggling the most and was profoundly developmentally delayed.

I found myself caught up in an angry environment of blame and negativity, and, most of the time, I felt completely drained because I couldn’t find a way out. I felt depressed, intermittently suicidal, useless, and I hated myself. I felt trapped in darkness, and I had no idea how to lift myself into the light.

I had been meditating since I was nine years old, but it hadn’t improved my life much because my meditations had been haphazard and undisciplined. On my 29th birthday, I splurged and bought myself a guided chakra meditation cd. I began meditating on the chakras every day while my youngest son napped, and I soon found myself on an incredible journey of transformation.

I felt hope as my life began to change. Every day for eighteen months, I had spent my lunch break at work stuffing myself with cheddar cheese potato chips, a snickers bar, and a coke. I ate equally unhealthy meals at home. I NEVER worked out. After a few weeks of meditating daily, someone gave me a cookbook called, “The Healthiest Diet in the World,” and I began cooking myself healthy meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I found myself forming new, uplifting friendships filled with fun and laughter, and I started dancing and doing yoga every day.

And then, three months into my meditation practice, everything fell apart.

A violent fight between my husband and I became dangerous and I had to leave with my children while he was at work. We were in hiding for two months. I lost my job, all of my belongings except for a trash bag filled with clothing. I had NOTHING. I realize now that was exactly what needed to happen. 

Even while I was with my small children in a safe house for victims of domestic violence, I continued, and still continue, my daily meditations. 

Now, ten years later, my life looks completely different. I have an even deeper connection with the divine. I feel spirit in all things and I truly feel connected to God. I still have a wonderful family, I would say that we’re even closer now and we enjoy each other’s company more than ever. I am at the perfect weight for me, and I love my body. I exercise and do yoga every day. I can’t remember the last time I had so much as a cold. I’m engaged to a man I love and adore. We’re close and so happy to be together. We uplift and support each other. I know now that romantic love is very real, because I have it in my life. I know my purpose in life, and I have a clear direction. My career fulfills and excited me. I get to help people to grow and evolve, and in the process, I grow and evolve. I trust my intuition, and I almost never feel unclear about what to do next. I truly feel guided every day. I own my house, and while I’m not rich, I have more money now than I’ve ever had. 

My default mood is joy, love and gratitude. If something does knock me off course, it’s almost always only for a moment or two. I have the ability to come right back to joy, because I’ve trained myself to do that. I love myself, truly. I have friends from all over the world who are incredibly positive and empowering. Even my children are thriving! They no longer have the issues in school and they are happy and healthy. I laugh and have fun every day. I feel liberated. Even my body feels lighter. I have so much to look forward to, and each new day feels like a gift. This description does not do justice to the differences I feel within me. I am so in love with my life.

None of this was accidental. Once I started to notice the shifts start to happen in my life, I started to learn more and more about intentionally shifting. I put in the time and energy to create these miraculous changes. Most of it has felt wonderful, but it hasn’t been without challenges. It’s all been worth every minute of my time. 

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