Honoring Emotions Meditation

Authenticity Is High Vibe

Trying to escape, repress, ignore or deny any emotion that comes up is going to lead to more problems. Anything that you do to avoid or resist what you are authentically feeling will cause tension in the body. There will be a lack of ease, or “dis-ease”.

I have a slightly different take on “high vibe” versus “low vibe”. I believe that “high vibe” is whenever you are living authentically. If you are feeling sad, and you open up to that sadness, and allow yourself to feel it fully, this is a much higher vibration than if you are feeling sad but you paste a fake smile on your face.

The key is to welcome whatever you’re feeling, allow it to be there. Acknowledge the feeling, FEEL it, and then allow it to pass on when it’s time. Don’t tell stories about the feeling, don’t blame anyone (including yourself) and don’t try to escape, and the feeling will move on MUCH more quickly than if you resisted it.

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