Mindful Eating

Tips for Mindful Eating

Take A Moment To Ask Yourself...

Am I actually hungry, or am I bored (sad, stressed, lonely etc)? Be intentional, and choose if you want to eat right now, what you will put in your body and even how and where you will eat.

Sit down and get comfy.

Make the time to enjoy your meal. Eating on the go will not facilitate an enjoyable, mindful meal.

Put down the devices

Anything that distracts you takes you away from eating intentionally.


Put less on your plate, and chew each bite of your food thoroughly.

Give thanks

Before you even start to eat, say a prayer of thanks for the food, and even for the person who prepared it or the farmer who harvested it.

Eat in Reverent Silence and Take a Moment Between Each Bite

Let meal times be sacred. Remain in peaceful silence, and give yourself time to pause between bites. Put down your utensil after each bite to take a few breaths and appreciate the experience.

Don’t Pressure Yourself to Eat Everything On Your Plate

If you’re satisfied and there’s still some food left on your plate, leave it for the Gods!

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