Challenges that Can Arise

Challenges that may come up.

High expectations. If meditation is new to you, then you may have tons of high expectations. I’m still practicing. It’s a practice. Enjoy it, follow instructions, give your best. You’re learning. Be kind to yourself no matter what - that’s most important.

Discomfort, pain, itching, or a sudden need to pee. Difficulty sitting is common. One reason spiritual seekers practice "physical" yoga, or asanas, is because it gives a yogi the physical ability to sit for longer periods of time. Ensure correct posture - sit up with a straight spine. IGNORE mild discomfort, itching, and unless it’s truly an emergency, don’t move. Allow discomfort to be there, it’s part of the practice,

Wandering thoughts. It’s a misconception that stopping thought is the goal of meditation. The goal is to turn your focus inwards. Keep returning to the present. Use mantra or affirmations. It’s more engaging. 

Judging the practice - bring the mind back to the present. ALL meditation is useful and good, ESPECIALLY the difficult meditations. This is like working out with heavier weights.

Boredom - This is a good sign that you’re about to have a breath through. Embrace it.

Drowsiness. Drink coffee. Do not lie down. Avoid heavy meals.

Difficult emotions - this is WONDERFUL if these come up. They’re being released. Embrace it.

Resistance and losing motivation. This is also a great sign that your ego is rising up and you’re about to have a breakthrough. The break through can be subtle. 

Subtlety of results can contribute to the lack of motivation. Don’t worry, changes are happing, they can happen slowly.

Sexual thoughts can come up. Accept that it’s just the kundalini energy, and direct it. Transmute it into light and move it towards the heart or the third eye depending on the goal of the meditation we;re in.

A technique in Buddhism is to imagine the unpleasant aspects and functions of the body to combat strong sexual desire. Use this only if it’s overwhelming. Instead try to usE this powerful energy.

As you meditate you will get better at being still and present.

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